Glass Houses

  • Flame Lily in the Tropical House
  • Victorian Vine House with Geranium Collection by Susie Jenkins

  • Bird of Paradise in the Tropical House

Tropical Glass House

This is a truly tropical glasshouse, housing a number of plants such as Paw Paws, Passion Fruit, Bananas, Hot Chilli Collection, Coffee plants and Bird of Paradise plants.

Victorian Vine House

The Victorian Vine House was built in 1850 by Clarke and Hope, designers for Queen Victoria who commissioned similar glass houses at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight and at Windsor Castle. The Vine House has been restored to its former glory as a rare lean-to peach house and vinery; and it houses grape vines and fan-trained Chinese flat peaches and other exotic fruit and vegetables, and unusual varieties of tomatoes during the summer months.

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