International Joust Week 22 to 27 July

Arundel Castle to Host International Jousting Event

Medieval Jousting and Tournament Week 22-27 July 2014

Arundel Castle is to host the most authentic and thrilling jousting competition in the country this July. The week-long event, held in the immediate shadow of the mighty Castle, is the largest of its kind in England and has attracted professional opponents from across Europe to compete in the tournament, creating a thrilling live action spectacle for Castle visitors.

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Hosted in the historic Castle grounds, the real-life tournament attracts audiences from far and wide to witness outstanding displays of 15th Century jousting. This high-stakes contest is one of the most extensive of its type, and features highly experienced professional competitors, wearing proper plate armour, contending for the ultimate honour of winning the Championship of Arundel Castle.

“The upcoming joust promises to be the most exhilarating experience our visitors will witness when it comes to the medieval events at the Castle this year,” commented Castle Manager, Bryan McDonald. “Not only is this one of the most prestigious tournaments on the international stage but the six day affair provides thrilling displays of authentic, highly skilled combat, bringing the splendour and drama of 15th Century Britain to life.”

Set within an authentic Medieval style encampment and supported by the knights and men-at-arms of Raven Tor, Distant Trumpets storyteller and the musicians of Rough Musicke this is a unique weeklong tournament.

A thrilling tournament accompanied by have-a-go archery and a host of craft displays and entertainment; this really is the highlight of Arundel Castle’s events calendar.

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